Tuesday, 17 January 2012

oyeahhh...!!! so where's the fire huh???!

its been a while.....(ikut tone lagu Break The Ice by Britney Spears)...

hahaha....so lama giler tak update blog...been busy with my 'perfect happy' life and certainly been busy with books and dvds..!! nak berkongsi kegembiraan coz dapat christmas pressie Xena The Warrior Princess Complete Collection.....U HAVE?!! ngeheheheheeee...so memang tak jadi kerja siang malam marathon sampai bil letrik naik..hahahahah......so puasssss hati sangat sbb dapat the dvd.....my sis and bros bought from UK and its the best pressie ive ever had..!!!

for those yang still xtaw who the hell is Xena...ARE U FREAKING KIDDING ME??!! SHE'S LIKE THE MOST POWERFUL WARRIOR PRINCESS EVER EXIST!!! ehem...ok kembali ayu...hehehehe...i started watch this show since i was 8 at ntv7....my mum forbid me to watch that show coz its featured a woman fighting in a sexy warrior outfit....i remembered her famous word..

"dah kenapa nak tengok cerita tetek tetek nihh?!!"

hahahhahah..yes..thats my mum's word....but i kept watching that show secretly..u wanna know why?i admired the character Xena...as u know not all female character featured as strong as she is at that time..most of it were pempuan lemah and damsel in distress...come on!! women are not weak!! women are stronger than guys if u dun belive me juz ask ur mum....how did she get thru her life with that orange peel coming from giving birth to u....so Xena in my eyes is one of the strongest female character of all time.....she can fight the whole army with her bare hands even Hercules cant do it by himself...so enough with all this women are weak crap!!

i remembered a long time ago that ntv7 announced that they got Xena Warrior Princess season finale...ive got sum news for u..they're lying!! yess...thats true... they just take Season 3 of Xena and said it is the finale of the series while Xena got 6seasons....tak baikla tipu penonton ok...dosa taw!!

well the show is not as 'suci,murni' as u think...terselit jugak unsur2 lesbian but no worries..its just kissing on the mouth and not in a sexually way..more like a sign of gratitude...and i have to admit that its got one episode that totally not for children to watch..its kinda well...err...let say its a portrayal of a sin..so go figure,google it watever!!

aside from that i treasured the show.....its a memento from my childhood and teach me to respect women's more...so for all apelagi....go to amazon.com or ebay perhaps or juz download it hehehe.....

"and remember..if u dont love urself...how in the hell ur gonna love somebody else..can i get an amen here?"

 aku ade this powerful Chakram...u have??!!

kontroversi skit hubungan diorang niihh...but for me diorang just care for each other..

 aku bukan yang selemah yang kau sangka...aku tak rela diseksa..ha~~~

 u have??u have??hahahahah...yes ive got it bitchess!!! li..li..li..li..li..li..li....!!!!!! *Xena's famous fighting yoddling style*